Our Vision

Our Vision is to cease the destruction of opioids addiction thru evidence based research and quality data

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Community-Centric Opioid Research & Data Services

We support researchers and scientists to discover novel medicine and treatments to combat opioid addiction in an accurate, safe and effective manner.

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Community-Centric Opioid Research & Data Services

We have built a network of methadone and buprenorphine clinics to collect real-time data from human participants for use in scientific and/or observational studies.

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Community-Centric Opioid Research & Data Services

CORDS takes a community-based approach to coordination of care and patient recruitment for clinical trials.

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Community-Centric Opioid Research & Data Services

Our country has fallen-short to discovery a personalized solution for addiction, CORDS is here to change this unmet need.

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Opioid Research & Data Services

At CORD’s, we support research that improve treatments for millions of addicts whose life have been destroyed by opioids and other dependency causing substances.

Meet Dr. Adams

Renowned Surgeon and Opioid Survivor

We are empowered by the story of an African-American surgeon, named Dr. Earl L. Adam, III.  He lived the utopic American dream. Born to a highly-educated two parent household and with his ivy-league education, he created a thriving medical practice and enjoy his beautiful wife and three children.  It seemed overnight, all of his fortunes and blessings were gone thru the maleficence side of prescription medication.  A hair-line shoulder injury while skiing commenced his pain-killer use; creating a downhill spiral of addiction leaving him prideless and penniless.

Punctilious Data
Positive Treatment Plans
Patient Recruitment and Care
About Us

CORDS (Community-Centric Opioid Research and Data Services)

is a network of physicians, nurses, researchers, economists, technologists, statisticians, analysts and most importantly, patients; collectively, dedicated to end opioid addiction.

Our clients rely on us to provide real-time, accurate and purified clinical trials data to fuel evidence-based solutions in the eradication of behavior-health addictions.

Practice Areas

We compete against time to save lives

We believe punctilious data promises effective treatments, therapies and the discovery of novel medicine.  Our unwavering dedication to real-time quality data, clinical research and technical services has made CORDS the celebrated partner for clients who seek science-based solutions for addiction.

Community Impact

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